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At the front desk, Trish takes text messages and calls to get you on Dr. Weimer's schedule. Trish greets you when you enter. She is the first smile of Weimer Chiropractic and its voice on the phone. She is very efficient in getting you on the doctors schedule when you text that you need to get adjusted sometimes that day. She is caring, communicative and very well liked by all patients. Managing the the lobby and patient flow is an important part of your positive Chiropractic experience.

The scheduling desk at the New 2813 Coffee Road Office.

Our support staff makes a skilled and compassionate Chiropractor like Dr. Weimer even more effective. Our staff is supported by a professional digital medical record keeping service. Dr. Weimer is often joined by full time, part time or volunteer staff at the many outreach programs he does on a regular basis like the Modesto Teacher's Health Fair, Earth Day at Graceada Park, Stanislaus County Fair, The Home Show or others too numerous to list.  We welcome your invitation to represent Chiropractic Neurology at your place of employment or your public service organization.

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