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Auto Accidents Modesto - What you don't
know CAN hurt you!

We at Weimer Chiropractic help you recover your most valuable possession after a car accident, YOUR HEALTH. People that seek proper treatment Auto Accident Recovery. Pain Relief and Chiropractic Neurologyafter their accident heal faster, heal stronger, and minimize whiplash and disability. Our new State-Of-The-Art Coffee Road office allows us to provide the most highly rated accident recovery care in this area.  Car Insurance usually covers the entire cost of your care. Many people suffer needlessly or live in pain because they do not know their car insurance covers the recovery of their lost health as well as the damage to their car.
Accvident Recovery and Complicated Cases
Dr. Weimer Specializes in Accident Recovery.

to increase your chances of a FULL RECOVERY

8. Your health is valuable. Some people pay more attention to getting their car fixed than their body. WHY? Your health is priceless, your car is not.

7. No Car Accident is a Minor Car accident. Modern cars are dent and crinkle to cushion collisions. The serious injuries can occur with little or no damage to the car because there was no cushion. No damage DOES NOT mean no injury.

6. Every accident is serious. Do not say "Its ok, I wasn't hurt". Symptoms may show up after the shock wears off. The accident may have damaged an area causing a future injury. Take steps to protect yourself in EVERY accident.

5. The following things increase your chances of having serious and long term problems from a car accident, therefore making proper treatment VITAL.

· Being Female
More bodily damage is caused due to greater flexibility.
· History of previous car accidents
More damage to a damaged area
· Jaw Trouble
Damage occurred to a very sensitive area.
· Dizziness
Damaged nerves giving wrong balance information to your brain.
· Tingling and Numbness
o Damage to bones, discs or nerves.
· Severe Pain
Lots of tissue damage.
· Looking over a shoulder at the time of accident
Focused tissue damage.
· Reaching for something at the time of the accident.
Focused tissue damage.
· Smoker
Decreased ability to heal.
· Being over 40 years of age.
Decreased Ability to Heal.

4. The true extent of an injury is not always apparent. The first sign that many people have heart problems is a heart attack. If checked the risk could be identified and proper treatment easily given. The adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is true for an auto accident just as it is for your heart.

3. People that seek treatment heal faster, heal stronger and minimize disability. Medical treatment can rule out life threatening injuries. Chiropractic treatment helps you recover and heal damaged joints and muscles.

2. Time does NOT heal all wounds. Some doctors are still telling people to "go home and let it heal". This is gambling with your health. Some injuries may heal with time, others may get worse. 40 percent of people injured from a car accident still have symptoms 2 YEARS LATER. Seek proper treatment as soon as possible.

1. Most Car insurance pays for your Medical and Chiropractic care. Why suffer needlessly? Why risk long term injury? No excuses.

Auto Accidents - A Guide

Our office hears many horror stories about Car Accidents and the injuries they cause. It is our mission provide you with correct information and care so that when a car accident occurs you know how to protect yourself, to ensure recovery of your damaged property and to your lost health. A statistic revealed 40% of people still had symptoms from their car accident 2 YEARS after their car accident.People can lie about the facts causing a long court battle. Do not let this become you!!

Immediately After an Accident

Your Goal: Be Safe and Assist Others!!

1. Help everyone to a safe place. Assist the injured.

Call 911. Request police, medical and fire assistance as necessary.

3. For minor accidents and no apparent serious injuries, move cars to the side of the road and out of the way of traffic. Turn on your hazard lights and put out markers and flares as appropriate.

Your Goal: Establish Identities and Find Witnesses

4. Do not discuss the accident with anyone but police. If you are criticized or threatened write down what is said but do not respond, or argue.

5. Get photographs of vehicles and other objects involved. The first picture should be of the other car's license plate. Include skid marks, if any, and full views of the scene. Use the best camera available, cell phone pictures are better than no pictures at all.

6. Exchange information with all drivers involved in the accident. Note the following information:

a. Name, address, and driver's license number OF THE DRIVER

b. Phone numbers of home, work and cell

c. Insurance Company and policy numbers

d. Description of each car: License plate numbers, year, make and color.

7. Get names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses.

8. Write down everything the others involved in the accident say about it and everything you can remember as soon as you can.

After the Accident

Your Goal: Repair and Recover!!

9. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Which is more valuable, your health or your car?Protect what is priceless and seek medical or chiropractic attention immediately. Some injuries are obvious, others are not. After an injury many things can be done to minimize the extent of an injury allowing you to heal better, to heal stronger, and to ensure problems do not become permanent. If problems continue without proper attention they may take longer to heal or become permanent. Call Weimer Chiropractic at 549-9987 or schedule on the REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT link on the right side panel. We can usually get you in the same day. Common injuries are to the neck and back due to your head being whipped back and forth. Feet can be injured due to pounding the brakes. Shoulders and wrists can be injured by an attempting to brace yourself. We treat all these injuries and many more so that they may heal and not become permanent.

10. Check your Car insurance. What coverage do you have? Weimer Chiropractic can check if for you. Most people do not know that their car insurance covers the repair of their vehicle but ALSO covers their medical and chiropractic costs. The purpose of the health coverage is so you may recover your lost HEALTH as well as your damaged property.

Ask Dr. Weimer for a printed copy of this accident section for your glove box so you have this information when you need it.

If you have questions, call 209-549-9987 or use the Request Appointment link in the right panel.  If you have been in an accident WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP.  Schedule your FREE personal injury Consultation today.  It is never too late to get the proper care.

Dr. Timothy J. Weimer, Chiropractor
Accident Recovery, Pain Relief and
Chiropractic Neurology

The above information in not intended to provide
medical or legal advice.

The above includes principles that apply to
dog attacks, falls and other kinds
of accidents as well.

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