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Modesto's Full Service Chiropractor
For Back Pain

Dr. Weimer is a back pain relief specialist."OWW! I threw my back out".  This is a common expression used in frustration to explain chronic back pain that someone is experiencing.  People know what is going on with their bodies, what people don't know is what else happens when bones are not in proper alignment. 

Bones and Joints
Misalignment cause the surfaces of the joint to offset, creating abnormal points of stress inside the joint, or  at other joints that are compensating.  Construction workers would call this a "Building Code Violation".  Weight that should be spread over 2, sometimes 3 joints is now carried by one.  Wear and tear increases bone and muscle degeneration and aging accelerates

Nerves and Pain 
t is often forgotten that the purpose of the spine is to protect the brain and spinal chord.  Nerves that regulate every function of your body exit and enter through the spine on their way to thebigstock_Central_Nervous_System_3666011.jpg brain.  Misaligned bones may narrow spaces for nerves.  In addition to the narrowing, nerves are also abnormally stretched.  Pulling on the nerves slow or stops the transmission of nerve signals.

Muscles and Blood Vessels
Being out of alignments cause an abnormal an pull on muscles, blood vessels.  Pulling of muscles can cause chronic tightness.  Pulling in blood vessels cause less nutrition to be delivered, and less removal of waste. 

As it progresses...
As misalignment progress and spread to adjacent areas of the spine "Bad Posture" develops.  This is the misalignment of multiple bones.  These things that occur when one bone is "out" are multiplied when there are many "out".  Fatigue is common, as your body spends energy just try to hold everything together.  Muscles change from firm to a rope like muscle spasm.  Sometimes posture can progress to cause pulling of the spinal chord itself.  Back problems is the major reason for lower performance in sports as well the number one reason for loss of work days.  Over 100 million work days are lost in America each year,

Chiropractic Adjustments Restore Bones to their Proper
Position, therefore fixing the effects of the
on the joints, nerves,
muscles, and blood vessels.

Back pain is the most common reason for missed days of work in the US.
Chiropractic vs Medical Care 

What drug will put the bone back into place?  Who will undergo a surgery to put a bone back?  Chiropractic adjustments are painless, fast, effective, and inexpensive.  Who can afford not to get adjusted?  Numerous studies have documented health care cost savings by regular physical therapy and Chiropractic care

A Piece of the Puzzle

Bone Position, Nerve Function and
Blood Flow are Improved by
Chiropractic Care 

Learn all you can and make Chiro Care
a priority today!

Dr. Timothy J. Weimer BS, DC
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He provides Lasting Relief
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