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Chiro 101 -  Lesson One

What Does the Research Tell Us about Chiropractors,
as well as Structural and Neurology Chiropractic?
Accident and Sports Injury Care
Pain Neurology Doctor

bigstock_human_brain_6901653.jpgGovernment of New Zealand. The New Zealand Commission Report was published in 1979 and was the culmination of two years of interviews from health-care experts on the efficacy and safety of chiropractic. The government of New Zealand funded the study, which concluded that modern chiropractic is a "soundly-based and valuable branch of health care in a specialized area."

Wilk, et al, vs. American Medical Association (AMA) Lawsuit. Another inquiry that further validated chiropractic came about in 1987 through an antitrust suit filed by four doctors of chiropractic against the AMA. A federal appellate court judge ruled that the AMA had engaged in a "lengthy, systematic, successful, and unlawful boycott" of chiropractic.During the legal proceedings, studies comparing chiropractic care to medical care were presented that showed how chiropractors were "twice as effective as medical physicians, for comparable injuries, in returning injured workers to work at every level of injury severity."

Ontario Ministry of Health. In 1993, the Ontario Ministry of Health published the Manga Report, which was a review of literature on the most effective and cost-effective treatments for of low-back pain. After reviewing all available international evidence, the researchers concluded that chiropractic is "greatly superior to medical treatment in terms of scientific validity, safety, cost-effectiveness, and patient satisfaction."

Research for Today and Tomorrow

bigstock_Human_Brain_1912512.jpgIn the May, 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, A population of 14,000 patients with lower back pain reported a satisfaction level twice as high for the patients who received treatments from Chiropractic Doctors compared with those patients who were treated by primary care pain Doctors with MD degrees. When Chiropractic Doctors were compared with MD specialists the satisfaction level in patients seeing a Chiropractor was fifteen percent higher.

The boom of brain and neuroscience research has supplied new methods and ways of studying the neurological side of chiropractic. The specialty that has emerged focuses on neurological science and the chiropractic application. Dr. Weimer has studied and applied this new research in completing four  years of post-doctoral study in Chiropractic Neurology. He is the first Doctor in Modesto to be named a Board Eligible Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology. This allows Dr. Weimer to be on in cutting edge in diagnosing and applying neck pain  brain based therapy to chronic pain issues and be more effective in helping his patients reach a level of full recovery of health..

The purpose of chiropractic research has been and continues to be to provide information needed to document and improve chiropractic health care worldwide. The chiropractic profession has seen advances once thought impossible due to the impact of scientific research. For example, federal grants for chiropractic research are now a reality. There is an ever-growing public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care. The Department of Defense formed a committee to introduce chiropractic services into the United States military. Several managed-care organizations now recognize Chiropractors as qualified primary-care providers.

The current research has verified what patients and Doctors of Chiropractic have been saying for thirty years. Chiropractic is very effective and it is just that simple.

Feel free to read and do your own research- at work, at school, at your health club or recreation center. Ask around. You will hear countless success stories on how chiropractic has helped people recover from an auto accident, a sports injury, including softball, soccer, football or even a serious disease, a tense period in their life, etc., or how Structural and Neurology Chiropractic has helped them develop new, healthier lifestyle habits.

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Dr. Timothy J. Weimer B.S., D.C.
Structural and Neurological Pain Doctor


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