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.  Dr. Weimer has resumed Digital X-Ray Services.  A very busy 14 month Fire Restoration Time was followed by a busy move from College Ave to 2813 Coffee Road. 

 A full Hospital Quality Digital X-Ray System was included in the constructionof the new Weimer Chiropractic Office On Coffee Road.

The restoration of the Coffee Road Office included the replacement of all equipment. This made it possible to implement State-Of-The-Art technology in the College Office with the plan to move all equipment the new Weimer Chiropractic office as soon as the building was finished.

Three Best in Modesto Chiropractors 2015, an online publication, informed us they handpicked the 3 best Chiropractors in Modesto.  They checked customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence.  In their first selection they picked Dr. Weimer with the quote,  "Simply the Best Chiropractor in town and possibly in the area.  Dr. Weimer is courteous, professional and takes the time to learn about your injuries."  In January 2016, they updated their page with the quote, "Dr. Weimer is incredibly knowledgeable and gifted."

Penguins Captain Crosby visits Chiropractic
Neurologist - Dr. Ted Carrick D.C.

For over 20 years Dr. Ted Carrick, DC has been active in a worldwide practice specializing in treatment of  Neurological disorders including sports injuries.  He has been featured in PBS documentaries and other news conferences.  Most recently. Dr. Carrick has been involved in weekly news conferences explaining chiropractic treatments and progress of National Hockey League Superstar Sidney  Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Dr. Ted Carrick with Sydney Crosby, NHL Superstar.In January of 2011, Sidney Crosby received a major blow to the head and concussion that took away his balance and left him unable to skate and in what he described as a brain fog.  For six month, conventional methods of physical therapy and rehab programs in the best hospitals of the world varied from little to slow progress.  His progress increased dramatically when Dr. Carrick assumed a major role in his care plan with Chiropractic Neurology based treatments.  Without the use of surgery or medications, Sidney Crosby demonstrated gradual improvements that allowed him to return to skating and return to playing professional hockey.  He has not returned to his superstar form of two years ago, but Dr. Carrick is predicting continued progress even with some recent injures.
Dr. Timothy Weimer has completed the three to four year post-doctoral program in Chiropractic Neurology from the Carrick Institute under the direction of  Dr. Ted Carrick.  He is the only doctor in Modesto to be recognized for completing this rigorous program to become a Board Eligible Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.  Like Dr. Carrick, Dr.Weimer uses a non-drug based and non-surgical chiropractic neurology adjustments to provide treatments for accidents, fibromyalgia and pain recovery and other nervous system based conditions.

Nation Has Pain Problem

One third of the US population experiences chronic pain.  The kind of pain that lingers for months.  The patients who experience this pain often feel a stigma and hear criticism from most of our healthcare system that is poorly prepared to treat pain.  The cost of chronic pain last year was 558 billion in medical bills, sick leave and lost productivity.  This is more than the cost of heart disease, the nations #1 killer.
This report was not a surprise to Dr. Weimer who started a post-doctoral program in Chiropractic Neurology over four years ago.  Last year he completed the program and was honored with the distinction of being named a Board Eligible Diplomate in Chiropractic NeurologyChiropractic Neurology allows the best and the brightest doctors to participate in seminars, lectures and patient training on the nervous system, nerve coordination and pain recovery. Dr. Weimer often serves as a specialist and/or consultant to patients and health care professionals.

Dr Weimer Awarded Diplomate
November 2010

The American Board of Chiropractic Neurology has recognized Dr. Timothy J. Weimer as "Board Eligible Diplomate" for the completion of studies in Functionalbigstock_brain_and_spine_on_black_828304PS70.jpg Neurology.  For many years he  has worked on a specialty in Neurology within Chiropractic.   This achievement represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of lecture, study and clinical experience. "My continuing goal is a higher understanding of neurology that can be applied to advanced non-pharmaceutical treatment of Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathybalance disorders, vertigo, head trauma, pain recovery, and other brain based conditions."

Due to the rigors of the program and complexity of the Neurology subject matter there are fewer than 600 Chiropractic Neurologists in the world.  He is the first and only chiropractor in Modesto to reach this level of expertise. Many of my patients owe the great success of their treatment plan to the study and clinical experience that Dr. Weimer has gained through this post-doctoral program.

The Elite Hy/Low and Elevation adjusting table that you will see in all three adjusting rooms at is an excellent examples of improved quality care. The elevation control can move up or down to place the patient at the  best height for your adjustment. The Hy/low means a patient with acute pain or knee stiffness can stand while the table moves the patient  to the horizontal treatment position.

Care upgrades are expensive to implement but experience has confirmed a new Hospital Quality Digital X-ray machine, Deluxe adjusting table and Neurology testing equipment, when combined with  a DIPLOMATE DOCTOR give our patients better Chiropractic care, Accident Recovery and pain relief than they had ever experienced before from any other healthcare program.

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