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Phone or Text (209)549-9987    Fax (209)300-7940

When you text, Please include your first and last name on the first text, once we get you in our system signing the text is not needed.

Contact Us Today! Use the Request Appointment icon on the upper right side panel.  Schedule with our office manager, or leave us A message with your first and second choice for an appointment time.

Do You have a Question? Click below and Send your
Question to Dr. Weimer by E-mail.


If you are not presently experiencing the benefits of Structural and Neurological Chiropractic.  Call or text for an appointment today 209-549-9987, you may wish to use the Request an Appointment icon in the upper right side panel.

We are located at 2813 Coffee Road, Suite F
We often refer to our place as Building F
since we occupy the entire building.

 Map programs may not be current and incorrectly
show the outdated College Address.  If you are 
using a mapping program, check to see the
map is directing you to 2813 Coffee Road.


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