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Weimer Chiropractic Modesto Presents

Top 10 ways to Treat and Prevent Headaches

Weimer Chiropractic can help with your struggles with headaches.

10. Go Fragrance Free: You may be allergic, or just sensitive. The ingredients in fragrances are never listed, some are toxic.

9. Take 5: Spend at least 5 minutes a day in a quiet place. Let the stress melt away.

8. Caffeine - the Wildcard: Caffeine can cause headaches or prevent them. Experiment, find out which is true for you.

7. Drink Water: Ditch soft drinks. Your body is 70 percent water. Make sure water is at least 70 percent of your fluid intake.

6. Exercise: Increased blood flow to the body and head, stress relief, look and feel younger.


5. Ergonomics: Sitting, Standing, or moving, Doing anything for 40 hours a week has to be done correctly as to not create problems. See our "Ergonomics" section for what to do.

4. Eat Right: Magnesium is a mineral found in fruits and vegetables. It is a natural muscle relaxant. Make sure your body is given the tools it needs to heal itself.

3. Headache Journal: Log your activities, what you eat, caffeine intake, sleep time. Find patterns of headache pain and Take action!

Dr. Weimer can help your struggle with headaches using Structural and Neurological Chiropractic.

2. Consult a Doctor of Chiropractic Neurology: Chiropractic is considered a safer strategy when compared to pills, injections or surgery. A specialist in Chiropractic Neurology such as Dr. Timothy Weimer has advanced training in headaches and pain relief. Problems in the neck or back cause neck pain and headaches. Chiropractic Neurologists also do posture modification, ergonomics counseling, and many other things to decrease things that contribute to headaches. A recent study stated that 80 percent of all headaches can be helped by a chiropractor. Call to determine if your insurance covers Chiropractic care. Most insurance including Medicare covers chiropractic.

1. Consult a Medical Doctor: Before consulting a medical doctor exhaust all natural treatment options, including diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, and chiropractic. It is rare, but a headache can be a sign of medical conditions such as tumors, strokes, high blood pressure, and/or other diseases but it is so rare that an MD will test for strokes and tumors after the more common reasons are eliminated. If you are in the care of a Doctor of Chiropractic, he/she should alert you when or if a consultation with a medical doctor is appropriate.

Dr. Weimer has considerable success relieving the cause of pain. If you are suffering from headaches you owe it to yourself and your family to schedule an exam and have them evaluated for their cause. Over 35 million Americans went to there chiropractor last year for fast. effective, and safe pain relief.

Dr. Weimer is a full service headache and pain doctor who is a Board Eligible Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.

Schedule with Dr. Weimer, on the request an appointment link on top panel of the Welcome page. Our number is 209-549-9987, text or call today.


  • "Weimer Chiropractic is committed to helping me as long as it takes to find the best solution. I never have to worry they will back out or give up if a solution is not reached immediately, which has been a problem for me in other places. They also allow me to text the office for a same day appointment on days when I wake up in pain from sleeping in a bad position. They always dress so professionally here, the entire staff makes an effort to maintain a professional appearance. When comparing them with other Chiropractors I have visited for the same conditions of neck, back, leg and foot pain, Dr. Weimer is the best."
    Don, shortened from the original posted on
  • "Dr. Weimer is amazing, saved me from having to get surgery."
    Ashley C. Wrote this on Facebook, in August 2017
  • "Two car accidents 20 years ago left me with chronic low back and neck pain. Other chiropractors had no results. Dr. Weimer must have gone to some great schools because he knows more that any Chiropractor I have talked too. Thanks to Dr. Weimer I am PAIN FREE."
    Don J.
  • "All I have to say is Dr. Weimer is a miracle worker."
    Lori. D. Wrote this on Yelp


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