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Drug companies, hospitals and surgery centers have huge advertising budgets to promote their services. Weimer Chiropractic has consistently grown because our patients sincerely share their positive experience and the great results they have received from Dr. Weimer and his unique application of structural and neurological Chiropractic care. In 2017, we moved into a new office with full hospital quality digital X-ray and other state-of-the-art feautures..


Dr. Weimer provides an excellent website to assist you in recommending chiropractic to your friends. If you show the website sections like the Welcome, Our patients speak out, and the new office, you can strengthen your referral. Giving a card and a short personal testimonial is usually better than giving only one. The slides on the HD televisions are excellent content to consider when providing research and testimonials.

We will stop asking you to refer your friends and family as soon as there is no pain and suffering left in the world.

Below are more suggestions for telling others about Weimer Chiropractic.

Most people know of others that can benefit from Chiropractic. Most people want to help them, but just don't know how.This is a guide to help you help them. If someone knows something that can make their life better, why not tell them? They will thank you for it!

1. Tell them your story. Tell them how you were before, and how much better you are now. Tell them how much you value your care, and how much your life has changed for the better. If you can get these results then there is a good chance they can to. Explain how Dr. Weimer has met your needs in areas where other doctors have not has success.

2. Ask "Have you seen a Doctor of Chiropractic"? or Have you seen a Chiropractor with special training in Chiropractic Neurology? It is amazing to hear the rationalizations people have for not visiting a chiropractor. Some people think200517352_001_1.jpgit is normal to be in pain every morning. Others think "chiropractic can't help this problem". Answer their questions. If you don't know, no problem! Ask them to give us a call. We are always happy to answer questions.

3. Ask "Have you tried natural approaches before drugs or surgery"? Many people are so quick to take drugs, painful injections, or undergo surgery. Let them know there is a better way! With all things chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery third. The Center for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration has requested a shift away from drugs to non-drug approaches such as chiropractic and massage to address pain. Weimer Chropractic has always been and will always be drug-free chiropractic care,

4. Talk from the heart. - Let them know you are concerned about them, and have a genuine concern for their health. Let them know how much you care, and how good life could be.

5. Ask them to visit our web site - Better informed people make better decisions. Our web site contains a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects. They can find out what chiropractic can do for them.

6. Send them information. - At the bottom of every web page there is a "send to a friend" button. Simply email them anything you think will lead them towards the right decision. If they don't have email, print the web page and give it to them in person. Or, stop by our office and pick up some of our brochures. We will be happy to give them to you.

7. Encourage them to call us. - We love answering questions. Especially when it involves helping the people you care about getting the care they need.

8. "Before its to late" - It is a somber thought that any condition can progress until there is nothing anybody can do, however that does not lessen the truth of it. Some people think "It will go away" but, Will it? Don't let them wait until it is too late. We have a small plaque often displayed in our office. It reads, The Five most dangerous words are "Maybe it will go away".

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You have a great opportunity to be a friend in their time of need.

In Health!

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Dr. Timothy J. Weimer BS, DC

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  • "Dr. Weimer is awesome! Super happy I found him. He's very knowledgeable, friendly, and listens to your concerns. My back feels a while lot better. Still working on a few things but little by little have been improving. Will be coming back regularly as well for adjustments. I would recommend him to anyone."
    V. Bernal, in April 2021
  • "Dr. Weimer is amazing, saved me from having to get surgery."
    Ashley C. Wrote this on Facebook, in August 2017
  • "Two car accidents 20 years ago left me with chronic low back and neck pain. Other chiropractors had no results. Dr. Weimer must have gone to some great schools because he knows more that any Chiropractor I have talked too. Thanks to Dr. Weimer I am PAIN FREE."
    Don J.
  • "All I have to say is Dr. Weimer is a miracle worker."
    Lori. D. Wrote this on Yelp
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